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  • £40 million support package

    £40 million support package. Our proposal. Chagossian Voices has been lobbying the FCDO for two years  to ensure that the £40 million support package announced in 2016 is spent in the best interests of all Chagossians. Here is our latest proposal sent to the FCDO in June 2016: Chagossian Voices Proposal for the £40 million… Read more

  • UK Citizenship Route for Chagossians

    You can apply to become a British citizen and a British Overseas Territories citizen (BOTC) through this route if you are: If you are an adult (over the age of 18), you will have 5 years from 23 November to apply. If you are a child (under the age of 18), you will have until… Read more

  • Nationality and Borders Act

    Nationality and Borders Act: UK Citizenship for Chagossians explained Summary The Chagossian amendment to the Nationality and Borders Act will provide a pathway to British Overseas Territories Citizenship and British Citizenship for all people of Chagossian Descent. The application process will start towards the end of 2022. What you will need: Proof of Your Chagossian… Read more