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Advocacy for the Chagossian community is at the heart of our organisation. Chagossian Voices speaks directly with people who have the power and influence to change Chagossian lives for the better and who can help us achieve justice for the Chagossian community. Chagossian Voices has worked constructively with all of the following since 2020 through email and letter writing, in person and virtual meetings and by providing documents, research and case studies

  • Local government, in particular Crawley Borough Council, West Sussex County Council and local authorities in Manchester
  • UK Government Departments: The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) administration, The Home Office and the Passport Office  (HMPO)

Chagossian Voices has held more than 20 meetings with representatives of FCDO and BIOT, and is in regular communication with these Government departments. CV has also advocated on behalf of indivduals and groups to ensure speedy and equitable treatment for Chagossians

  • MPs and Peers in the UK Parliament and representatives of political parties and Government Ministers

CV has worked closely with MPs and Peers to get justice for Chagossians holding regular meetings and frequent correspondence: notably Henry Smith MP, Mike KaneMP and Baroness Lister and the Chagos All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG)

  • The United Nations in New York and Geneva

Chagossian Voices has spent 12 days at the United Nations in New York and Geneva in 2023, making public statements at conferences for indigenous rights and at human rights reviews

  • Press and the media (see link below)

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