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A selection of articles featuring members of Chagossian Voices:

Chagos islanders stunned as David Cameron rules out return

Mark Townsend The Guardian January 26th 2024

The Chagossians want their home back

Morgane Llanque News Statesman January 6th 2024

A Tiny Archipelago in the Indian Ocean Is at the Heart of a Major Political Struggle

Lorraine Mallinder New Lines Magazine Oct 9th 2023

Chagos Islanders confront their postcolonial future

Lorraine Mallinder Mail and Guardian/The Continent 7.10.23

Evicted From Their Island Paradise, They’re Now Fighting for Reparations

By Olivia Konotey-Ahulu and Mohsis Andam Bloomberg 5th Oct 2023

Britain’s Ongoing Colonial Crime in the Indian Ocean

Der Spiegel Jörg Schindler  23.08.2023

Mauritius: Exiled Chagossians

Deutsche Welle; Norbert Hahn 24th July 2023

A real decolonisation dispute

Yuan Yi Zhu The Critic May 20th 2023

UNPFII calls for inclusion of indigenous people in socio-economic development, conservation of environment

Zumbish in Down To Earth 26th April 2023

Jean-François Nellan: «Rien de nouveau pour les Chagossiens dans les négociations»

Karen Walter L’ 20th March 2023

UK committed ‘crimes against humanity’ in its treatment of deported Chagos Islanders

Joe Wallen The Telegraph 15 February 2023

The UK expelled the entire population of the Chagos Islands 50 years ago. Reversing that injustice won’t be easy

Owen Bowcott Prospect Magazine Jan 13 2023

Negotiations on Chagos Islands’ sovereignty face legal challenge

The Guardian Daniel Boffey 9th Jan 2023

We don’t accept Mauritian claim over Chagos: Chagossian Voices

The Press: Mizna Mohamed 29th Oct 2022

Chagossians fear being booted from UK 50 years after they were removed from own islands

Jack Clover Sunday Mirror 19th Feb 2022

UK accuses Mauritius of political stunt over ‘ecological visit’ to disputed Chagos Islands

Joe Wallen The Telegraph 8th Feb 2022

The Chagossians: Crawley’s community driven off their own islands and not even given British citizenship

Thomas Fox Sussex Live 28th Nov 2021

Britain’s secret second Windrush scandal

Joe Wallen. The New European 25th November 2021

Families evicted from Chagos islands entitled to settle in UK, says MP

Robert Wright Financial Times Nov 8 2021

Citoyenneté: Passeport britannique, le refuge que réclament les Chagossiens

12th July 2021 L’