Sunset over Salomon Atoll looking toward Ile Boddam IMG_7904_2010_(c) Jon Slayer (featured on Chagossian Voices)

Our Partnerships

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Partnerships with Community Groups

Chagossian Voices doesn’t replace existing groups but works with them to support them and develop synergistic partnerships. Unity is strength. We currently have well established partnerships with:

We have also hosted representatives of Chagos Refugees Group, and BIOT Citizens on the platform.

Partnership with Chagos Conservation Trust

Chagossian Voices has been working closely with the Chagos Conservation Trust due to a shared desire to protect and conserve the archipelago, the ocean that surrounds it, and its animal, plant and marine life. We have also collaborated on various projects from this website to Connect Chagos, which saw younger members of the Chagossian community receive training to enable them to attend scientific expeditions to the islands. For more information, please visit

Partnerships with other organisations