Hawksbill Turtle _ Threadfin Butterflyfish in a branching Arcopora Garden Salomon Lagoon near Ile Boddam_2006_turtle_(c) Jon Slayer.

What we do

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What we do

  • Provide a public and community platform for Chagossians all over the world using conferences, meetings, community events, social media and the press and broadcast media. Our Facebook page and Twitter
  • Organise campaigns and communications which can improve the lives of the exiled Chagossian community through dialogue with decision makers, government bodies, and the press
  • Build networks between Chagossian community organisations and form partnerships with them to support their activities and aims
  • Build networks with organisations, individuals and bodies who can support the Chagossian community,
  • Build a network of researchers and academics who can provide evidence and understanding which will advance the lives of Chagossians
  • Build partnerships with environmentalists who help sustain the islands and the relationship between people and the islands

Our campaigns

  • UK citizenship rights for Chagossians and their families
  • Self-determination for Chagossians in relation to the sovereignty of the Chagos Archipelago
  • Supporting the right of return to the islands for Chagossians
  • Enabling the voice of Chagossians to be heard at an international and governmental level
  • Enabling projects to support the health, wellbeing, education, training and financial wellbeing of the Chagossian community
  • Preserving and developing the culture and history of the Chagossian community
  • Partnering with environmental groups to ensure the voice of the Chagossian people is represented and that Chagossian cultural ecosystems are preserved
  • The construction of a Chagossian community centre in the UK
  • Funeral grants for Chagossians
  • Management of the £40 million pound  UK Government package in the interests of the whole Chagossian community worldwide.