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Chagossian Voices Virtual Conference December 5th 2020

This conference/webinar gave a range of Chagossian community members an opportunity to share their stories, their ambitions and their priorities with the world at large. The conference attracted an influential audience of MPs, local and national government officials, academics, representatives of NGOs as well as allies, supporters, interested members of the public and Chagossian community members.

Chagossian Voices Virtual Conference “Stronger Together” July 3rd 2021

This conference had two session. The first session (in Kreol) was targeted at community members and updated them on important current issues including:
• The New Plan for Immigration and the Nationality and Borders Bill
• Our meetings with the Home Office and with MPs and Peers (All Party Parliamentary Group)
• Our meetings with the FCDO and the BIOT Team, and discussions about community priorities

The second session, in English explained Chagossian needs and priorities as well as summarising the recent activities of the group. We also gave a platform to the UK Chagos Support Association, the Chagos Conservation Trust and two MPs – Henry Smith MP for Crawley and Mike Kane, MP for Wythenshawe.